linkedin no news feed (GitHub)
august 2018

Firefox browser extension that removes the LinkedIn news feed

ray tracer js (GitHub)
march - april 2018

Ray tracer renderer with shadows and reflections (JavaScript)

inline markdown (GitHub)
february 2018

Chrome browser extension that embeds markdown into files on GitHub

2048 (Demo, GitHub)
january 2018

2048 implementation (JavaScript)

clear (GitHub)
september - december 2017

Unpuzzle clone with a random level generator (C++)

satellite orbit (Demo, GitHub)
october 2017

Interactive 3D satellite visualization (three.js)

snake (Demo, GitHub)
october 2017

Snake implementation (JavaScript)

cube draw (Demo, GitHub)
september 2017

Voxel drawing application (JavaScript)

game of life (Demo, GitHub)
september 2017

Interactive Conway's Game of Life (JavaScript)

pong (JS) (Demo, GitHub)
september 2017

Pong implementation (JavaScript)

pong (C++) (GitHub)
september 2017

Pong implementation (C++)

ray tracer (GitHub)
april 2016

3D ray tracer renderer (C++)