I'm Ivan, and I'm in my last semester studying computer science and math at William and Mary. I'm looking for a full-time job in the SF Bay Area after graduation.

During the last three summers, I used statistics, machine learning, and good old programming chops to solve a range of problems. I worked on image classification in William & Mary's Department of Mathematics, on natural language processing at AidData, and on the surprisingly formidable challenge of pricing at CarMax.

I've been taking fine art photographs seriously for a year and half. My photos have been featured by PDNedu, Focal Plane Magazine, Valerie Timmermans, and EXPS. My work will also be in The Vernacular of Landscape, an upcoming exhibition and publication by Subjectively Objective and Float Photo Magazine.

My contact information is on my painstakingly-styled resume. You can also DM me on Instagram if you want to talk about some photo-related.