I live and work in the SF Bay Area.

You can find me on Instagram, GitHub, and Twitter, and you can subscribe to this blog with RSS. You can contact me via email at [email protected]. I'm always happy to hear from readers, and I do my best to reply to every email I get.

I joined Giving What We Can in 2019, and since then I've been giving at least 10% of my income to charity. I've been very happy with the decision, and I encourage you to consider joining.

I recently studied at Bradfield School of Computer Science's Computer Science Intensive. The courses at Bradfield are the best I've ever taken. If you're seeking mastery in computer science, this is the place for you. If that seems like a large commitment, try CS Primer.

This site based on Tom MacWright's website, macwright.com. If you're interested in making your website look like Tom's, I recommend you check out his theme.