Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher

Rating: ★★★★

"It is precisely workers' subjective disinvestment ... which enables them to continue to perform labor that is pointless and demoralizing."

Capitalist Realism is about the ideology that makes capitalism so durable despite constant proclamations of its imminent demise. The core of Fisher’s argument is that unlike fascism or communism, capitalism doesn’t need propaganda or an explicit case in favor of it. Instead, capitalism works by elevating the importance of personal feelings while underemphasizing what people actually do each day. Capitalism doesn’t need true believers, it just needs people who will do the work.

This was a fun read. Fisher uses WALL-E, gangster movies, gangster rap, Supernanny, Office Space, and other pieces of pop culture to argue his points. He comes off grouchy and down on young people in a way that I can't help but find funny and endearing.